KARA opens up their 3rd Japan tour in Fukuoka

On October 24th, Korean girl group KARA started their first Japanese tour “KARA 3rd THE JAPAN TOUR 2014 ‘KARASIA’” as a four member group at Fukuoka Sun Palace. New member Youngji (20) called out to the group’s 2,400 fans in the audience, “Please never forget this day. I won’t forget it either.

Leader Gyuri (26) got the audience pumped up with the Hakata dialect, “Fukuoka, were you waiting for us~? This is our 3rd KARASIA here. Let’s get fired up today!” Youngji spoke up again with Japanese that she had memorized, “I’m so happy to meet all of you!

The girls performed 20 songs including their hit tracks “Jet Coaster Love”, “GO! GO! Summer”, and “Mister”; as well as solo songs. Hara (23) commented, “I was so nervous that my heart just kept racing, but it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun, so that fills me with so much joy.

KARA’s tour will finish up at Yokohama Arena on November 18th and 19th with an estimated 55,000 people in attendance for all shows.

(via: Oricon)