Kanjani8’s Shibutani Subaru to cover Utada Hikaru, Funky Monkey Baby and more in first cover album “Uta”

Kanjani8’s Shibutani Subaru will be releasing his first cover album titled “Uta” next year on February 10. The solo album will be challenging different sides of the Johnnys idol. It will consists of covers selected from hit songs in the 1970’s through the present. “I want to convey these Japanese masterpieces in my own interpretation, and resonate with people of various ages”.

Female singers such as Utada Hikaru and Matsuda Seiko were also also chosen. Check out the rest of the songs and artists to be covered in “Uta” below.

  • Funky Monkey Baby (Carol)
  • Slow Ballad (RC Succession)
  • Kotoba ni Dekinai (Off Course)
  • SWEET MEMORIES (Matsuda Seiko)
  • Manpi no G☆SPOT (Southern All Stars)
  • First Love (Utada Hikaru)
  • Kimi ga Inai Kara (Anzenchitai)
  • Genki wo dashite (Takeuchi Mariya)

(via NikkanSports)