Kana Nishino to go on hiatus

Singer Kana Nishino has announced that she will be going on a temporary hiatus, suspending all of her entertainment activities.

The hiatus will begin after completing her 3 day concert series “Kana Nishino Love Collection Live 2019” at the Yokohama Arena.

Nishino will be celebrating her 30th birthday on March 18th, and 2018 marked the end of her 10th anniversary celebrations.

She claimed that she wanted to “challenge various things”, including traveling, but didn’t really expand on the “plenty of things” she plans to do during her break.

In Nishino’s spare time she will continue to sing and enjoy music, but didn’t give a specific time for how long this hiatus will last. She’s looking forward to the day she can sing in front of her fans again.

The final day of “Love Collection Live 2019” will take place on February 3rd, 2019. On the same day theatres across the country in Hong Kong and Taiwan will also air the concert.

(via natalie)