Jun Togawa Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Vampillia Collaboration Album

Jun Togawa fans get ready to rejoice- for there is one more major surprise release this year! To celebrate the legendary artists’ 35th anniversary, she has teamed up with the self-proclaimed “brutal orchestra” Vampillia for a new full length album, due out in December. Even more- they have dropped a celebratory music video, featuring a montage of some of Togawa’s most memorable moments- backed by a breathtaking new rendition of the classic Yapoos‘ track “Akai Sensha“.

Read more and watch the MV below!

The album, titled “Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu” will be released on December 14 through Virgin Babylon Records, who are Vampillia’s main record label. The tracklist mainly is compiled of new arrangements of Jun Togawa classics:

  1. Akai Sensha
  2. Mushi no Onna
  3. Suki Suki Daisuki
  4. Nikuya no Youni
  5. Men’s Junan
  6. Doutou no Ren’ai
  7. Teinen Pushiganga
  8. 12-kai no Ichiban Oku
  9. Babara Sexroid
  10. Watashi ga Nakou Hototogisu

The album cover has not yet been revealed, however it available to order from the usual places, and also direct from Virgin Babylon‘s homepage.

As mentioned above, the video for Akai Sensha is now available to watch, via YouTube:


2016 isn’t over just yet!