Jolin Tsai attends Namie Amuro’s “Finally” concert, gifts her handmade cake

Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai was one of the many people who ventured out to see Namie Amuro perform for the very last time in Taipei.

At her two Taipei dates Amuro performed for a massive crowd, attracting over 22,000 people. Many of her hits were performed including Mint, CAN YOU CELEBRATE?, and Hero.

As a gift and token of their close friendship, Tsai personally created a fondant cake made out of Amuro’s likeness!

The cake itself was based off a promo image for Amuro’s 2007 album PLAY, it depicts Amuro as a “sexy cop”. Staying very true to the original image, the cake got every detail right including the bedazzled whip.

Tsai was very critical of her work, as she was apparently really pressed for time. While preparing the cake she was telling herself “I can’t finish it, I can’t do well, I wanna die!!”.

Luckily she was able to present a finished product to Amuro, who was all smiles as she received the cake from her friend.

Tsai is quite the professional baker, in 2016 she participated at “Cake International” in England, and took home a gold prize for her fondant cake of actress Marilyn Monroe.

Tsai commented that she’s glad Amuro was able to hold a successful concert in Taipei, and cherishes their “unexpected” friendship.

“I love being ‘attacked’ by her smile. I hope she will always smile brightly and the rest of her life will continue to be wonderful. I love her.” 

The duos friendship was first revealed in the early 2010s after paparazzi photos of them partying leaked. Following that, there was years of speculation on whether the two would collaborate or not. Fans wishes were finally granted when the two joined forces for I’m Not Yoursincluded on Tsai’s 2014 album Play.

Amuro is currently gearing up for the final dates of “namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~“.  On June 2nd and 3rd she will hold back to back dates at Tokyo Dome.

(apple daily)