Johnnys office donates over 330 million Yen worth of medical supplies

For several weeks now, Johnny’s “Smile Up! Project” has given a lot of focus on supporting the medical institution in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. Arashi’s Aiba Masaki on behalf of the Johnnys Jimusho arrives at Japan Airlines Cargo Building at Narita Airport  to receive 10,000 protective suits procured from Beijing, China for donation to the medical staff. The total amount of relief supplies of Johnnys Jimusho has reached 330 million Yen which includes 83,000 PPEs and 730,000 masks, an amount 4x more than the originally planned 80 million Yen.

Japan Airlines has provided free transportation for the goods in support of the project. Aiba thanks JAL and says that in support of the medical institution, the supplies will be delivered to them. “Johnny’s Net” has also started accepting applications from medical institutions requesting for supplies.

In addition, a paid online video distribution service was also launched with “Arashi no Waku Waku School Online” starting on May 2. Profits for a certain period will be used to purchase medical supplies. Johnny’s office: “Thank you for everyone’s efforts, we were able to purchase and deliver additional medical supplies,” Some medical supplies have already arrived via shipping from China late last month, and  are being delivered to medical institutions.

Some goods have already arrive at institutions. Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital posted, “On April 28, our Medical Hospital was provided 1,000 protective suits and 3,000 masks with a lovely message from from Johnny’s ‘Smile Up! Project’ Thank you for your support.”

Medical supplies  (as of May 4)

    • Protective clothing: 33,000 pieces from end of April
    • Isolation gown: from mid May 50,000
    • Medical masks (N95 etc): 300,000 from end of April
    • three-layered mask: 230,000 from end of April
    • anti-bacterial mask: 200,000 from end of April

**purchased from a production factory in China

  • three-layered mask: 230,000 from end of April

**purchased from domestic factory’s new production

Medical supplies total

  • Protective clothing / isolation gowns: 83,000
  • Medical masks / other masks : 730,000

(via Nikkansports, Yahoo, Johnnys Net)