Johnny & Associates Opens New YouTube Channel “Johnny’s Gaming Room”

Earlier today, Johnny & Associates soft opened a new YouTube channel, “Johnny’s Gaming Room.” A teaser video for the channel, which officially opens on New Year’s Day, was released. In it, various Johnny’s group can be seen playing video games.

When the channel officially launches on January 1 at 9 PM JST, it will have about 15 regular members appearing.

As part of the soft launch of “Johnny’s Gaming Room”, several different groups will appear on the channel over the coming days. Check out the schedule below, along with the teaser video and channel’s Twitter account!

12/16 (5 PM JST): Johnny’s WEST
12/18 (6 PM JST): Sexy Zone
12/20 (5 PM JST): Snow Man
12/22 (6 PM JST): Kansai Johnny’s Jr.
12/24 (4 PM JST): Johnny’s Jr.
12/26 (6 PM JST): SixTONES
12/28 (5 PM JST): King & Prince
12/29 (9 PM JST): Naniwa Danshi