Johnny & Associates Groups to Continue Activities with Missing Members

A seventh wave of COVID-19 is currently sweeping Japan. In light of this, Johnny & Associates released a statement in regards to the activities of their talents during this time.

The company thanked fans for their support, and for following coronavirus prevention measures. Even though, Johnny’s talents and staff have also been following these measures, cases within the company are rising, leading to canceled concerts, more than 30 so far. It has become difficult to secure the venues again to reschedule the concerts. Given this state of affairs, Johnny & Associates has decided the show must go on, even if all members are not present.

The company will tell fans in advance if certain members will not be appearing at certain concerts. If this happens, fans are able to receive a refund. The company apologized for the inconvenience.

Something similar happened this month in the case of Snow Man. Hikaru Iwamoto and Daisuke Sakuma both tested positive during the promotion cycle for their single “Orange kiss.” Instead of canceling promotion for the single, the other members took over Hikaru and Daisuke’s lines during the promotional performances. This is a change from the end of 2020, where member Ryota Miyadate tested positive, leading to the group canceling their debut appearances at “Kohaku Uta Gassen” and “MUSIC STATION ULTRA SUPER LIVE”, even though the rest of the group tested negative.