Indie idol Emi Arisaka to hold memorial concert for fan with no family

Idol Emi Arisaka just might be one of the biggest sweethearts in the entertainment industry.

Arisaka is an indie idol who has been doing her thing for a decade now. She’s known for her high energy pop-rock songs and lolita inspired outfits. Over the years she’s been able to create a tight-knit dedicated fan base, mostly thanks to her treatment of them.

For a decade now one of Arisaka’s fans, a 55 year old man who went by the nickname Okkyan, has religiously attended almost all of her concerts and live events. Last year he mysteriously stopped showing up to her lives which made her a little worried.

She did a little digging and eventually found all of his social media profiles, all of them had stopped updating at the same time. Not knowing his phone number, she was able to discover Okkyan’s address by looking up his undisclosed real name. Arisaka then tried to fulfill the dream of probably every idol fan, decide to give him a visit to see if everything was okay.

When Arisaka arrived she received some grim news from Okkyan’s neighbors. Last year he was hospitalized and received surgery in-order to treat aortic dissection, a condition that severely damages your arteries. Despite being released from the hospital, his condition continued to get worse and he eventually passed away in his home in August.

Unfortunately, no funeral service was held for him since he had no immediate family. The few relatives he did have, he wasn’t close with or presumably even in contact.

Arisaka wrote a blog entry sharing that it’s always heartbreaking when someone deceased is not able to have people gather and remember them. While it’s too late to hold a funeral, Arisaka decided that she will hold a memorial concert in Okkyan’s honor instead.

The text on the illustration reads “Okkyan, wait for us in heaven

Arisaka also went out of her way to bring in the idol Flowered Gem to perform, who Okkyan was a big fan of also. The memorial concert will take place on April 11th, 2018 at the Hatsudai Doors music club.

(via sora news24)