Hikari Mitsushima and Satoshi Tsumabuki cast in movie adaptation of mystery novel “Gukouroku”

Hikari Mitsushima and Satoshi Tsumabuki were cast in the upcoming movie adaptation of a mystery novel ‘Gukouroku‘ (Record of Folly) by Tokuro Nukui. The novel was nominated for Naoki Award in 2006. Tsumabuki will take on the role of the protagonist, a journalist called Tanaka, while Mitsushima will be his sister. Fans in Japan are excited to see the actors appear as siblings again, following the 2014 hit drama ‘Wakamonotachi 2014’.

The story opens with a murder of a family (elite salaryman, his wife and child). One year passes, but the criminal remains unknown. A young journalist reopens his investigation and through his interviews he founds out that the murdered family was far from being an ideal household.

‘Gukouroku’ will be a full-length directing debut for Kei Ishikawa, graduate from Poland’s Lodz Film School. Kousuke Mukai (‘My Back Pages’, ‘Piece of Cake’) is providing the script.

Below are comments by the actors, director and author of the original novel:

Satoshi Tsumabuki:
This movie is very straightforward in telling how foolish humans are. We are jumping into this mud. I would love the viewers to get drawn into as well and watch the movie until the very last drop. I’m also very happy to work again with Hikari Mitsushima, who is an actress that always gives her all. I will try to be on par with her. 

Hikari Mitsushima:
My role may not be a kind you choose to do because you simply “like” it, but I felt there is a novelty in the way the movie shows the nuances of being brought up in certain environment. Satoshi Tsumabuki is like a real brother to me, so I feel reassured working with him. I would like the director to do the movie exactly in the way he wants to and I will be happy to follow his lead.

Kei Ishikawa, director:
The intricate plot, characters that are far from ordinary, a deep and heavy theme – everything I was looking for in a movie is in this project. I sense that the chemical reaction that will follow the meeting of Tsumabuki’s and Mitsushima’s detailed acting with the fantastic staff backing this project will lead to something beyond our expectations. 

Tokuro Nukui, author:
I was surprised when I first heard the offer for turning ‘Gukouroku’ into a movie. In my opinion, it was a difficult target for an adaptation, both in content and form. However, the producers and director were very passionate about it. And when to my surprise, such great and incomparable young actors as Satoshi Tsumabuki and Hikari Mitsushima joined the project, I couldn’t hide my excitement. I hope that the story will hit the viewers like a thorn they cannot pull out.  

Gukouroku‘ is set to hit the theaters in 2017.

(via cinra.net)