Hey! Say! JUMP to release new single “Give Me Love”

After a little more than month since the release of “Fantastic Time”, Hey! Say! JUMP will return with their 18th single “Give Me Love”, to be released on December 14!

The title track is being used as the theme song of Ryosuke Yamada’s new drama “Cain to Abel”.  Consequently, this is also be the first time for Hey! Say! JUMP to provide the theme song for a Getsu9 drama.

The new single will no doubt display yet another new side to Hey! Say! JUMP!! “Give Me Love” is described as having a mellow R&B sound while portraying the theme of universal conflict and love that is faced in life.  Hey! Say! JUMP will powerfully demonstrate to you “True Love” through this song.

Seeing that Hey! Say! JUMP seems to be continuing a more mature trend—following the releases of “DEAR.” and “Fantastic Time”—do you think they are finished with their “cute” songs?  If so, how do you feel about that?  Furthermore, how do you think “Give Me Love” will do sales-wise considering the relatively low ratings of “Cain to Abel”?

Check out the details below


First-run limited edition




  1. Give Me Love
  2. Traffic Jam
  3. Traffic Jam (Original karaoke track)


・“Give Me Love” music video + making-of

First press regular edition




  1. Give Me Love
  2. TOY
  3. Baby I Love You
  4. TOY (Original karaoke track)
  5. Baby I Love You (Original karaoke track)

Regular edition




  1. Give Me Love
  2. Glorious
  3. Ashita Hallelujah
  4. Give Me Love (Original karaoke track)
  5. Glorious (Original karaoke track)
  6. Ashita Hallejah (Original karaoke track)

(via J-storm)