SKE48 Member Matsumura Kaori Worked as a Hostess Pre-Debut

Matsumura Kaori joined SKE48 in 2009. She recently came in 13th place during AKB48’s annual election, making her the 3rd highest SKE48 member, behind only Matsui Jurina and Miyazawa Sae. Gossip magazine Flash is now reporting on her pre-debut occupation: hostess.

Kaori worked at a hostess club in Tokyo’s Kabukicho red light district before debuting in SKE48. According to an unnamed co-worker, Kaori worked at the club under the pseudonym “Karin.” She also expressed no interest in being an idol while working at the club. She often dressed as a maid during her 6 months there, which Flash has previously published pictures proving.

“Karin” made about 400,000 yen a month as a hostess, her co-worker said. She was very much about her money. “Karin” would write down all of the customers she served and how many drinks she served them. If her pay didn’t match up with her notes, she would argue with the manager of the club to get her correct pay.

“Karin” treated her customers differently based on their age. With younger men, she had a snide attitude. However, with older men, she would act as if she was their grandchild.

Kaori has confirmed this story as true, saying that she took the part-time job to make extra money. She said that when she looks back on that time, she would like to apologize to her customers for her attitude.




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