Namie Amuro to Become a Producer for Johnny’s Jr.?

Fans around the world have been mourning Namie Amuro‘s retirement for the past year. But she could soon have a new job in the entertainment industry, but behind the scenes. And it’s with none other than Johnny & Associates!

Earlier this year, Takizawa Hideaki left his career on the stage to take on an executive role in Johnny & Associates. As president of Johnny’s Island, Hideaki oversees the development of 300 Johnny’s Jr. trainees. Last month, he oversaw the production of a Johnny’s Jr. concert at Tokyo Dome. He’s also preparing SixTONES and SnowMan for their debuts next year.

Johnny & Associates is well known for courting the media, but since he’s taken on his new role, the company has made Hideaki the executive face of the company, having him deal with the media. And the media is liking it, commenting on his positive attitude.

According to someone who works in an entertainment agency, there is widespread talk that Hideaki has approached Namie about helping the trainees develop, specifically in the realm of dance. It has been pointed out for ages that the choreography of the Johnny’s groups is outdated, and the company has realized this. Hideaki wants to change this. Back when he was still performing, he focused on live performances. He also focused on Namie, who was always incorporating the latest dances into her choreography.

During Namie’s farewell concert last year in Okinawa, Yamashita Tomohisa made a surprise appearance. According to this entertainment official, Hideaki was also there. Since then, Johnny’s and Namie have maintained a good relationship. This may be what lead to this offer.

According to a TV station official, since she’s retired, Namie has left the public eye completely, and is not willing to return to it. However, her son is now an adult and she has time to herself. It is not certain what she will do, but being a producer will make full use of her experience as a performer, but from behind the scenes. That being said, it seems there may be something to this rumor.



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