Mackenyu Arata Accused of Sex Crimes, Yakuza Ties, and More

“GaaSyy-ch”, the YouTube channel of entertainment industry insider Higashitani Yoshikazu, has been making waves as of late, exposing the likes of Shirota Yu and Ayano Go. One of his most salacious exposes has now been published, that of Arata Mackenyu.

Yoshikazu claims that when he first started exposing celebrities close to him, Mackenyu tried to silence him by using the yakuza. Going deeper into the yakuza connection, Yoshikazu also said that Mackenyu recently spoke to him about putting out a possible hit on Taka of ONE OK ROCK.

The reason for having the yakuza possibly murder Taka? Taka took his childhood friend who was dating Mackenyu on a fishing trip.

Soon after being introduced by Taka, Mackenyu and Taka’s friend started dating, but he didn’t tell Yoshikazu or Taka. One day, Taka went on a fishing trip with some friends and decided to invite his female friend, thinking nothing of it. At the time, he didn’t know she was dating Mackenyu. When she told Mackenyu about the trip, he was furious. He called Yoshikazu at 4 AM, and the first thing he said was “May I kill Taka?” He told Yoshikazu that he was going to pick up his girlfriend and didn’t listen to what Yoshikazu has to say.

Mackenyu has also been accused of sleeping with an underage girl, several in fact. The girl in question was drunk at the time.

He also had been accused of tax evasion. He did this on purpose and initiated the scheme himself.

Mackenyu was also allegedly investigated for drugs, due to his connection to Sawajiri Erika. The two had a one night stand, with Erika later being arrested for drugs. Erika was using drugs during sex daily at the time.

Mackenyu generally treats women poorly. He has been linked to several different women, some of whom he cheated on and some of whom were married while dating Mackenyu.

One example of this bad behavior involves a dancer he was dating. The two lived together, until he grew tired of her. He then had someone pretend to be his manager to break up with her and kick her out.

It is said that birds of a feather flock together. Mackenyu is friends with Go, who is known sleeping with underage girls, mistreating sex workers, and being abusive. Yoshikazu said that the night that Mackenyu slept with the underage girl, it was like a flashback to Go several years ago.



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