Girl Arrested for Stalking & Pulling a Knife Out on 7 MEN Samurai’s Taiko Sasaki

On May 18, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a 17 year old female high school student in Yokohama in connection to incidents involving Taiko Sasaki of 7 MEN Samurai.

She began stalking him after seeing him one day at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. “I fell in love at first sight when I saw him at Shibuya Station in April last year,” she confessed. “I started to follow him. He was the only person that I could think of.

According to police, she is suspected of having stalked the Johnny’s Jr. idol four times this year from April 1 to May 8. Things reached a fever pitch on April 30 when the girl chased Taiko with a utility knife for about 200 meters at Shibuya Station, while saying that he need not worry about being stalked anymore because she was stopping her activity.

Taiko first reported his stalker to the police last November.