Fun Size! Silent Siren are Turn into Brokker Figures

Toy maker Brokker are well know for their miniature size recreation of popular bands. This time of around they’ve partnered up with Silent Siren to create their own mini-me. Silent Siren is the first girl-band that Brokker has decided to produce for their line! The girls and their instruments modeled for Brokker so that every little detail could be documented and made. While miniatures guitars and drums have been made before, Silent Siren also has another first with Brokker with their miniature keyboard. Pre-orders have started on 8/23 and the finished product is expected to be delivered late November. Other bands that Brokker has made figures of are Hi-STANDARD, The Bawdies, BRAHMAN, SiM and MAN WITH A MISSION.

via Brokker and Natalie