Final Fantasy XV’s Justice Monster V is out for iOS & Android!

One of the things Square Enix has promised fans in their big reveal is a spin-off mobile game called Justice Monster V, scheduled for a 2016 release. Well, despite their failure to deliver their biggest promise *cough* the 30 September FFXV release date *cough*, it seems like they manage to do the rest just fine. Via a “Final Fantasy XV powered by Dengeki PS Premium Event” livestream event last Sunday, it was announced that the game will hit Japan, America, and Europe on iOS and Android on August 30 (after some delay on its own).

According to its official twitter account, the service will start at 11:00 AM, so that’s just a few hours away! If you’re fast enough, you might still be able to pre-register for the game to earn some bonus in-game currencies to start! The account also stated that the game is already up on the store, but will be on maintenance until the aforementioned time.

Justice Monster V is a pinball-esque game infused with RPG elements and features monsters from the Final Fantasy universe. The game was announced 5 months ago as a buildup to the release of Final Fantasy XV and will eventually make it into the game as an actual mini-game. To learn more about Justice Monster V, head down to the official website or check out the trailer below!