Verbal and Yoon Open AMBUSH® WORKSHOP Store in Tokyo

Power couple Verbal (of m-flo) and Yoon have decided to expand the reach of their brand AMBUSH® Design, from the digital world to the physical. On September 2nd the first and only AMBUSH® WORKSHOP will have it’s grand opening. Located in Shibuya, the shop will sell items from their jewelry and apparel line; some will be numbered limited editions. The interior of the store is also another highlight; as it was designed by Masamichi Katayama. Take at the look at the new shop and what they have to offer.

ambush_03 ambush_09 ambush_13 ambush_16 ambush_18 ambush_19 ambush_21 ambush_23 ambush_24 ambush_26 ambush_30 ambush_32 ambush_33 ambush_34

via FashionPress