Tokyo Girls Collection Announces the Fashion and Make-up Trends for A/W 2016

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2016 fashion show will be held September 3, 2016 at the Saitama Super Arena. The Executive Committee planning the event is starting to give the public a taste of what they can expect to see walking down the runway. They’ve summed up this Autumn and Winter’s fashion trends in four key words and for the first time they’ve given a keyword for make-up. Get a sneak peek of tomorrow’s fashion today!

Vintage Mix


A romantic take 70s and 80s rock ‘n’ roll style, Vintage Mix can appeal to people who have a variety of tastes. Furs, big silhouettes and patterns such as plaid, bold flowers and animal prints will help create that thrift store feel. When it comes to color earth tones like terracotta, camel, and burgundy are recommended. Suede and velor are the fabrics of choice. Want to be real risk-taker?  Wear wide flair jeans to complete this look.



As an homage to 90s American street fashion, Japakaji is here to represent casual wear. The main players are denim, in any form, and the Sukajan that has been so popular lately. Mustard yellow, navy, purple and blue jean should be on the color wheel for this look. While denim is one of the main fabrics of this look, it’s suggested the Sukajan be made from either satin or corduroy.

 Neo Romantic


Incorporating Victorian elements into classic and feminine style, Neo Romantic comes just in time for the Autumn. This style’s palette should have gray, smoky pink, white and black. And while color is very important, pay close attention to accessories and fabrics. Lace and ruffles, a choker made from a ribbon and wearing a bustier are hot items for this mode.



Suponteniasu is just what it means; spontaneous! Crossing many genres of styles, the wearer is free to choose as they please. Some things that they might consider wearing are  asymmetrical designs, decorative items, and drop-shoulder sleeves. If wearing a very loose silhouette, try also wearing a wide belt.

Make-up to Bring Out Oneself


Clear skin is the base of this look with a focus on the eyes and the mouth. Soft, natural looking skin will help the rest the make-up stand out. So matte finished skin, highlighting the t-zone plus cheeks, and light cheek color are encouraged.  A red lip with a glossy finish should give the false impression to others that it is the wearer’s natural lip color. Using a lip liner can help create a more exact shape for lips. Nudes should be the base for eye make-up, while stronger sheer colors (reddish., brown, metallics, khaki, etc.) should be your finisher. Jet black for eye lashes are a must.

With so many choices and advice given, it’ll be easy to get a jump start on shopping for the A/W 2016 season. What will you be buying?

Via Fashion-J