FAKY to come back soon

It has been announced that girl group FAKY will come back in the near future. Their official website and social media accounts were recently updated with a new logo and the message “coming soon”.

The group was originally scheduled to make their CD debut in 2014 but went on hiatus after the release of a digital mini album.

FAKY wants you to vote for your favorite song out of three tunes: “YOU”, “CANDY” and “P.O.V.”. While “YOU” and “CANDY” are brand new tracks, “P.O.V.” has previously been released on their mini album “The One” last year. All three songs can be listened to in full on this website.

While it was announced that FAKY would come back in 2015, there was also word on possible member changes. No details regarding such have been revealed yet. Stay tuned for more updates on the reborn group!

(via FAKY’s official Twitter account)