Erika Toda & Mei Nagano to star in live-action “Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushū”

A live-action drama series for the popular manga “Hakozume: Koban Josshi no Gyakushu” has been announced! Leading the show will be Erika Toda and Mei Nagano, and is set to begin airing on Nippon TV beginning in July.

The manga series made it’s debut in November 2017 in the weekly Seinen manga magazine Moring. It quickly became a success with the first volume coming out in April 2018. The series went on to win the prestigious “Shogakukan Manga Award”, taking home the top “general” award for 2021.

The story follows former ace detective Seiko Fuji (Erika Toda) and newcomer Mai Kawai (Mei Negano). It’s rumored that Seiko was transferred to work at a police box due to abuse of power, while Mai is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to her life as a police woman. The series follows their daily life filled with lots of tears and laughter.

Described as a “slightly realistic” look into the life of a police box worker, the series is more of a comedy overall.

Erika commented that after reading the manga she saw a more human side to police offices. She further went on to say that her partnership with “Mei-chan” is very bumpy at first, but watching the two build trust and form bonds will be a highlight for the viewers. Erika closed saying that she’ll do her best so that everyone can sympathize and laugh with her character Seiko.

Mei was ecstatic to work with Erika, always finding her to be cool. She felt Erika’s kindness while they were working together on set. As a character Mei related to Mai as many people are struggling in their profession in their own way.

(via natalie)