Erika Sawajiri has a stalker

It’s come to light that Erika Sawajiri (28) has been the victim of a stalker.

Sawajiri is currently living with her mother in a leading high-class residential area in the city. Fashion designer and current boyfriend “A” is also a frequent visitor to this residence, but his reasons for visiting are anything but peaceful. Spills a nearby neighbor:

“Police have been patrolling around the outside of Sawajiri-san’s house day and night for the past month. This is because a malicious male fan found her home, turned into a stalker and started chasing after her…”

On a morning in early September, this stalker unexpectedly appeared in the vicinity of her home, and while he started out merely loitering around the front of the house and peeping fixedly at it from a hiding place, his actions are said to have slowly escalated.

“By the beginning of October, it seems he’d even begun to fish around in the garbage Sawajiri-san put out,” the aforementioned source explained. “On the inflammable garbage days twice a week, he’d inevitably come by early in the morning and take her trash home with him. It seems Sawajiri-san was so terrified, she reported it to the police… The reason her boyfriend visits the house so often is to protect Sawajiri-san from this stalker as well.”

This publication dropped by Sawajiri’s home in order to ask about the damage this stalker has inflicted upon her; however, we dealt with her boyfriend “A” in place of Erika herself, and he said only “I’m sorry — about that, there’s nothing…,” trailing off.

Like the wicked women standing in her way in her starring drama First Class, Sawajiri now has to contend with days of awaiting a perverted stalker at her home.

Says the neighbor, “Thanks to the police patrol, the stalker appears to have stayed out of her trash for these past two weeks, but on top of the fact that her residence has been exposed, surely she has no way of knowing if or when she’ll be targeted again. I even heard her mother sighing, ‘It was truly frightening, and Erika is still afraid even now…’”

(via News Postseven) Translation by Cait


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