Eri Nobuchika Ends Her 6 Year Hiatus

Eri Nobuchika debuted on the Japanese music scene in 2004. In 2009, she went on hiatus to give things outside of music a shot. Eri has decided that it’s time to give music another shot.¬†She has recently signed with Avex’s new label JUSTA MUSIC. She’s also a regular featured singer on Fuji TV’s new music show “Suiyou Kayousai.”

Eri had dreamed of being a singer since she was a child. At the age of 17, she entered a Sony Music audition in an attempt to live her dream. However, she forgot to write her address on her audition package. The person in charge of the audition tracked her down in her hometown of Fukuoka. She then signed with Sony.

Producer Shinichi Osawa heard Eri’s voice and immediately fell in love. In early 2004, after she had graduated from high school, Eri and Shinichi began work on her debut. Even though the releases had a number of tie-ins, they didn’t do well.

In 2006, Shinichi left Sony for Avex. Eri put her solo career on hiatus and began working with ORANGE RANGE’s NAOTO on his solo project,¬†delofamilia. This project also didn’t do well.

Eri returned to the music scene again in 2009 with the mini album “hands.” Released on an independent label, this release also didn’t do well. She then went on another hiatus.

Eri decided that she wanted to give music another shot in 2013. She’s back on a major label and has a weekly tv job. She recently released a demonstration video showcasing her talents. The video is a mix of covers (from the likes of Yakushimaru¬†Hiroko, Yumi Matsutoya, and Inoue Yosui) and original songs. If and when this music is released, remains to be seen.


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