Demon Slayer crosses ¥10 Billion in 10 days, continues to break Japanese box office

Anime movie phenom Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train has earned a total of Y10,754,232,550 with 7,983,442 admissions in 10 days, making it the fastest film to reach the 10 Billion Yen mark in Japanese box office. To put into perspective, the highest grossing film of all time “Spirited Away” (Y30.8B), reached Y10B after 25 days. “Your Name” (28 days), Weathering With You (34 days), Frozen 2 (40 days).

Ever since the movie was released last October 16, it has been smashing all kinds of box office opening records in Japan. Its 3-day gross of Y4.6B (3.4M admissions) is the biggest opening weekend ever in Japan. This is more than double 2019’s “Frozen II” which opened with Y1.94B and “Weathering With You” with Y1.64B.

The movie was released in 403 theaters nationwide with each theater running as much as 20-30 screenings a day. At TOHO Cinemas in Shinjuku, the movie was screened in 11 out of its 12 screens showing it 42 times. Fans have been heading to the theaters even during early mornings.

(via Oricon)