Haruma Miura shows off his moles & naked body in new CM for “ORBIS DEFENCERA”

Actor Haruma Miura is the star of a brand new CM for the skincare product ORBIS DEFENCERA.

It’s a brand new item from “Orbis”, a health and beauty brand. The item takes a somewhat unique approach to skincare, unlike the typical topical products this product you actually ingest.

It comes with a small sachet in powder form, very similar to instant drink products. ORBIS DEFENCERA has a refreshing Yuzu flavor and unlike other products in this range you actually don’t have to mix the powder with a liquid, it can just be ingested as is all at once.

Using ingredients like Glucosylceramide (say that 10 times fast) it will essentially moisturize your body from the inside, having a dramatic effect on your skin. One box contains around a months supply of product, and will go for 3,456 yen.

In the CM a naked Haruma is seen showing off his body in a modified fetal position, while the camera pans all around it. Perhaps you can get great skin like that too by drinking ORBIS DEFENCERA? Check out the CM below!