Arashi to appear in new CM for JAL (Japan Airlines)

Johnny’s group Arashi will be appearing in a brand new CM for JAL, otherwise known as Japan Airlines.

The CM in particular will be encouraging tourism to Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture in Japan. Flights will be landing in Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido.

In a press conference member Ninomiya Kazuya wondered what the members would like to do when visiting Hokkaido. Aiba Masaki was quick to answer stating that going rafting during the summertime is a great experience, along with hot springs on a cold winter day and being able to have fun in the snow. All the members agreed!

Hokkaido is quite renowned for their snowfall and beautiful ski resorts, the cold weather has also made it one of Japan’s hubs for wine making.

When asked about what they would bring Ohno Satoshi stated that he is quite a light packer, and would only bring the necessary items.

The CM was shot at a house studio in Tokyo, it shows the members packing and preparing for their adventure in Hokkaido. The CM is said to showcase the personality of each member, and will begin airing nationwide in Japan on November 15th.