Comedian Akiyoshi Okayasu and former SDN48 member Yuki Kimoto announce marriage

On September 11th it was announced via a fax from their respective agencies that Akiyoshi Okayasu (37) from comedy trio Naname45° and Yuki Kimoto (31), actress and former member of adult idol group SDN48, have gotten married. The couple registered their marriage on the 10th, a day after Kimoto’s birthday.

The two first met in March 2016 when they both performed in a stage play called ‘Yomigaerase Ya’. When the stage had finished, the couple began dating, and in October the same year Okayasu knew he was going to propose.

In the fax, Kimoto commented that she wishes to wrap herself in Okayasu’s big heart and walk beside him through life. She also complimented his kind personality: according to her, he’s a man who never stops smiling and is loved by everyone around him.

Okayasu said that they think similarly about positive and negative things. “I thought, if I was to get married, it had to be her.”

They haven’t decided on the reception date yet. Kimoto declared on her blog that she is not pregnant.

Kimoto is currently signed to Sony Music. After graduating from SDN48 in 2012, she has been doing various stage plays, variety shows and talent gigs. Like a fellow SDN member Megumi Ohori, it seems she will continue working after marriage.