Top 10 Highest Grossing Record Labels 2014

Oricon has announced its “Yearly Market Report” which summarizes the total sales for music and software for 2014. The Half year ranking was previously posted here.

Take a look at 2014’s chart below.

Avex Group Holdings has topped the “market share by record label” for the third consecutive year with total sales amounting to 49.19 billion yen (17.1% market share). The top three remained the same as the previous year’s list with Sony Music Entertainment (13.9% market share) and Universal Music (12.2% market share) coming in second and third place respectively.

J-storm, with the transfer of Kanjani8 to the label (August 2014), moved up from 6th to 4th place (same 7.0%), expanding sales 1.5 times higher than in 2013. Lantis also increased its sales by 1.4 times with 7.39 billion yen, joining the top 10 and moving from 14th to 9th place. Strong sales of its “Love Live! School Idol Project” audio series contributed to this.

Last column shows comparison to same period last year.

Record LabelSalesMarket Share
1Avex Group Holdings49,190,100,000 yen17.1%114.5%
2Sony Music Entertainment39,939,200,000 yen13.9%99.6%
3Universal Music35,044,100,000 yen12.2%99.9%
4J-storm19,978,700,000 yen7.0%149.9%
5King Records19,575,000,000 yen6.8%93.7%
6Victor Entertainment13,418,200,000 yen4.7%105.2%
7Warner Music Japan11,562,400,000 yen4.0%85.7%
8Pony Canyon8,708,100,000 yen3.0%96.3%
9Lantis7,388,400,000 yen2.6%138.3%
10Nippon Columbia6,446,700,000 yen2.2%97.5%