Nanao and Yuto Nakajima named Best Jeanist of 2017

The grueling debate is finally over.  Sleep easy now that we finally know who wears jeans the best in 2017.

The Japan Jeans Association presents the “Best Jeanist Award” annually as a means of promoting jeans in Japan.  As “one of the most prestigious awards in Japan“, the “Best Jeanist Award” honors celebrities who wears jeans the best.

Actress and model Nanao wins the awards for her second consecutive year in the women’s division.  Newcomer Yuto Nakajima of Hey! Say! JUMP wins the men’s division, jumping from third place last year and reigning above many other fellow Johnny’s idols.

Women’s Division

  1. Nanao (20,403 votes)
  2. Yuko Araki (4,706 votes)
  3. Keiko Kitagawa (3,530 votes)
  4. Yui Aragaki (3,376 votes)
  5. Satomi Ishihara (2,421 votes)
  6. Mizuki Yamamoto (1,858 votes)
  7. Yua Shinkawa (1,526 votes)
  8. Suzu Hirose (1,385 votes)
  9. Hikari Mori (1,379 votes)
  10. Mirei Kiritani (1,194 votes)

Men’s Division

  1. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) (28,379 votes)
  2. Tatsuya Ueda (KAT-TUN) (21,675 votes)
  3. Yuta Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft2) (16,327 votes)
  4. Tomohisa Yamashita (7,385 votes)
  5. Hokuto Matsumura (SixTONES – Johnny’s Jr) (2,434 votes)
  6. Takahisa Masuda (NEWS) (1,954 votes)
  7. Ren Nagase (Mr.KING – Johnny’s Jr) (1,912 votes)
  8. Kouji Iwasawa (Yuzu) (1,823 votes)
  9. Shota Totsuka (A.B.C-Z) (1,737 votes)
  10. Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) (1,622 votes)

This year’s voting pool consisted of 116,206 people across Japan.

Other than the people’s choice awards, there are the awards handed out by a committee of panelists.  Also awarded this year were models Karen Takizawa and Rinka and actor Tetsuya Bessho.

(左から)滝沢カレン、梨花、別所哲也、菜々緒 (C)モデルプレス

When a celebrity wins the award three times, they will be inducted into the hall of fame with the likes of Takuya Kimura, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kazuya Kamenashi, Kumi Koda, Masaki Aiba, Rola, and Taisuke Fujigaya.  Both Nanao and Nakajima has expressed their desire to join the hall of fame in the future.

(via modelpress)