#1 Song Review: Week of 2/18 – 2/24

Hello AramaJapan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw Shibutani Subaru come out on top against Kumamushi. Kumamushi is back again this week and is facing off against 2 newcomers. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

Oricon #1: SMAP – Karei naru Gyakushu / Humor Shichau yo (not released digitally)

Ronald: Karei naru Gyakushu – I was actually looking forward to hearing this single because one of my personal faves, Shiina Ringo, wrote and composed it. I do get Ringo from it, but in a bit of a watered down form. It’s like a Ringo B-side. It’s decent but nothing amazing. The first guy singing has a really bad voice. It’s quite unpleasant. But I do think this is a good way to go as far as music goes for a group as old as SMAP. It’s a more mature sound. It suits them. It’s an upbeat song without being juvenile. 6.5/10

Humor Shichau yo – And one the flip side, we have a song that SMAP should avoid. This is god awfully cheesy and juvenile. It’s the opposite of “Karei naru Gyakushu.” This sounds like a bunch of other Johnny’s songs. At first I was disappointed in Ringo for making a song this bad but then I checked the credits and realized she didn’t make it. But then again, I could kinda tell she didn’t. If she did, it would be her worst song ever. I’m not a fan of the overly happy, cherry vibe of this song. 2/10

Single total: 4.25/10
Recochoku #1: Kumamushi – Attakaindakara (Oricon #21 / iTunes #4)
Ronald: Same review as last week – This is an interesting song. There’s a bit of a bait and switch here. At first the song start off as your typical folky pop song but in the middle, things change. The song becomes a lot more upbeat, more fun, a bit funky. I was pleasantly surprised by this. It made me a lot more interested in the song. It made me feel a bit warm in the end. 6.5/10


iTunes #1: AKINO from bless4 – Miiro (Oricon #5 / Recochoku #2)
Ronald: I’m actually surprised by how much I like this song. Anime music has a tendency to turn me off, but not this song. This girl has a really good voice. She has good control over it. I like how in the song she switches between the more powerful parts and the softer, quieter parts. I have a thing for songs with contrast like this so this appeal to me. The instrumental is pretty decent too. It has a nice driving energy that goes well with the powerful vocal parts. I really like the softer bits of the song too. Again, they go well with the singer’s voice when she’s singing in a softer manner. In the end, this song is just one pleasant surprise. 7.5/10


Ronald’s Rank:

1. iTunes #1: AKINO from bless4 – Miiro

2. Recochoku #1: Kumamushi – Attakaindakara

3. Oricon #1: SMAP – Karei naru Gyakushu / Humor Shichau yo