Says Goodbye with First Best Album

It has been announced that will go on an indefinite hiatus after their Zepp Tokyo concert on January 27. This is due to Gonchi’s, the group’s DJ, retirement from the entertainment industry so that she can work in her family’s business.

Before the duo’s hiatus, will release their first best album, “Charisma.BEST”, on January 10. The album cover the entire span of their career, which began in 2013 with the song “HATE.”

The group recently released the music video for “Ribon”, one of the new songs on “Charisma.BEST.” With its theme of death, perhaps the group was alluding to the demise of Check it out below along with more information on the album.「Charisma.BEST」ジャケット

2. サプリミナル・ダイエット (Sapuriminal Diet)
4. Like it
5. メンヘラブス (Menhera Busu)
6. イイナヅケブルー (Iinazuke Blue)
7. もや燃やして (Moya Moyashite)
8. #hashdark
9. 999
10. Hello 2
11. グララ (Gurara)
12. やれよ。 (Yare yo.)
13. Train HELL
14. メキメキmore (Mekimeki more)
15. スーパーガール (Supergirl)
16. アラサードリーミン (Arasa Dreamin)
17. こんがらガール (Kongara Girl)
18. お局ロック (Otubone Rock)
19. りぼん (Ribon)



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