CAPSULE & COLTEMONIKHA albums coming to streaming services

Rejoice! The albums from Yasutaka Nakata’s two bands CAPSULE and COLTEMONIKHA will be coming to streaming services!

All of CAPSULE’s albums will soon be made available on most of your favorite streaming platforms beginning with their 2001 debut “High Collar Girl”. Currently, the only album available for streaming from CAPSULE is their 2015 album “WAVE RUNNER”.

All 3 COLETEMONIKHA albums will also be made available for streaming. COLETEMONIKHA was a collaboration between Nakata and designer Kate Sakai. She provided vocals, lyrics, and art direction for the project. Active from 2006-2007, they released two mini-albums and one BEST album.

The albums will be made available on streaming services beginning on July 10th, 2020.