B’z reveal bright and futuristic Music Video for “Uchouten” + new song “Amari ni mo” used in CM for H.I.S.

Veteran rock duo B’z have finally revealed the music video for their new song “Uchouten”, and it’s definitely an eye-catcher if nothing else.  The PV finds the pair rocking out in front of a neon-lit cityscape, their escapades intercut with footage of a young girl wandering through the futuristic metropolis itself.

As reported previously, “Uchouten” was the lead track off of the single of the same name that released last week (and topped the Oricon Chart), as well as one of the songs that will be included on the band’s upcoming new album “EPIC DAY”.  Also included on the album is new song “Amari ni mo”, which has been picked up as the CM song for travel conglomerate H.I.S. for the coming season.

Check out both the music video for “Uchouten” and the commercial featuring “Amari ni mo” right below the cut; plus, look forward to additional information about B’z’ latest album as they release it.

(via bz-vermillion.com)