BE:FIRST release MV for new digital single “Scream”

BE:FIRST are back with the music video for  “Scream”, the title track of their upcoming 1st album “BE:1″, which is scheduled to be released on August 31st. “Scream” was produced by the well known producers Maxx Song and SUNNY BOY and was written by SKY-HI. The song itself can be described as an intense dance track with lyrics about overcoming obstacles, such as fear and rules, in order to advance in the world.

The music video showcases the members dance skills and their unique charms through group dance scenes and solo shots.

“BE:1” will come in five editions: CD(First Press Limited Edition), CD+ 1 DVD,  CD+ 2 DVD / CD+ 1 Blu-ray, CD+ 2 Blu-ray. With the exception of the First Press Limited Edition CD-only version, the other versions of the album will contain a total of 15 songs, including 7 songs that have already been released and 8 new songs. The First Press Limited Edition CD-only version will have the same 15 songs including a bonus track, making it 16 tracks in total.

First Press Limited Edition

CD + 1 DVD or 1 Blu-ray version

CD + 2 DVD or 2 Blu-ray version

CD (all versions)

1. BF is …
2. Gifted.
3. Scream
4. Moment
5. Be Free
6. Softly
7. Betrayal Game
8. Milli-Billi
9. Spin!
10. Move On
11. Brave Generation
12. Grateful Pain
13. Shining One (Re-recorded)
14. Message
15. Bye-Good-Bye
* Only the first press limited edition includes the following bonus track:
16. To The First

1 DVD or 1 Blu-ray contents
・ Shining One -Music Video-
・ Gifted. -Music Video-
・ Bye-Good-Bye -Music Video-
・ Betrayal Game -Music Video-
・ Scream -Music Video –
・ Betrayal Game -Behind The Scenes-
・ Scream -Behind The Scenes-

2 DVD or 2 Blu-ray contents
・ “Bye-Good-Bye” One-day One Man Show
・ Gifted. -Solo Chasing Cameras-
・ Bye-Good-Bye -Solo Chasing Cameras-
・ “Bye-Good-Bye” One-day One Man Show -Behind The Scenes-

Listen to “Scream” on Spotify!