Ayumi Hamasaki reveals five stunning covers for latest album “MADE IN JAPAN”

As we previously reported Ayumi Hamasaki released a surprise album “MADE IN JAPAN” last month through the new music streaming service AWA, a collaboration between Avex Trax and Cyber Agent Inc. Details on the physical copy and standard digital release due out June 29th have finally started to take light. The album will be released in five versions, with two of them being exclusive to Ayu’s fanclub “TeamAyu”. Fans who purchase the album from Avex’s online shop mu-mo will receive a “washifu” (think oragami) style B-3 poster, and those who order from TeamAyu will five “washifu” style stickers along with the poster. Lastly, fans who purchase “MADE IN JAPAN” at her upcoming TA tour will receive the album housed in an exclusive sleeved case.

Many fans speculated that for the cover Ayu would do an Asian theme based on the name of the album, but the art direction right surprise you. Check out the covers and tracklist below!

CD only




CD+Blu Ray


TeamAyu CD+2DVD


TeamAyu CD+Blu Ray


CD tracklist

  1. tasky
  3. Mad World
  4. Breakdown
  5. Survivor
  6. You are the only one
  7. TODAY
  8. Mr.Darling
  9. Summer Love
  10. Many Classic Moments

DVD/Blu Ray tracklist 

  2. Mad World PV
  3. Winter diary PV
  4. FLOWER making-of
  5. Mad World making-of
  6. Winter diary making-of

DVD 2/Blu Ray tracklist (TeamAyu version only)

Limited TeamAyu Tour 2015 (tentative tracklist)

  1. Sorrows
  2. Startin’
  3. UNITE!
  4. Last minute
  5. Heartplace
  6. Days
  7. beloved
  8. Summer diary
  9. part of Me (acapella)
  10. HEAVEN
  11. XOXO
  12. Lelio
  13. Sparkle
  14. Feel the love
  15. You&Me
  16. Love song
  17. encore
  18. Diary
  19. Boys & Girls
  20. The Show Must Go On
  21. Replace
  22. double encore
  23. MY ALL