The artists featuring in ‘Saraba Seijaku’ revealed

Music movie ‘Saraba Seijaku’ has released a list of artists appearing in the film. Directed by Kenichi Ugana, the film is depicted as “quiet noise music movie”.

‘Saraba Seijaku’ is a movie about a world where all entertainment is forbidden – books, movies and music. The lead characters, Mizuto and Tokio (played by Kaito Yoshimura and Ryuya Wakaba), work at a screw factory, doing mundane tasks day out, day in. Then they learn about a place where music has survived. Sumire, Takumi Saito and Nobu Morimoto play supporting roles.

The film features 30 different artists and musicians, mostly indie or underground. Making an appearance in the film are, for example, punk band Colored Rice Men, GOMA, Smash Your Face, INU, hardcore punk band QP-CRAZY, jan and naomi, tabla drummer U-Zhaan, Yuji Rerure Kawaguchi, drummer Bachikaburi, Michiro Endo, and Compact Club.

The film opens in theaters on January 27.

Watch a short making-of clip of ‘Saraba Seijaku’ behind the link.

(Via Natalie)