Ariyasu Momoka to Graduate from Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z member Ariyasu Momoka has announced that she will graduate from the group after a concert on January 21. Momoka says that she is leaving the group to live life as a regular girl, which would be a change of pace for her seeing as how she’s worked in the entertainment industry her entire life, starting off as a baby model.

She has no firm plans for the future.

Momoka joined Momoiro Clover, which later became Momoiro Clover Z, in July 2009. She’s had two solo releases, the July 2016 mini album “Kokoro no Senritsu♪feel a heartbeat” and the October 2017 album “Kokoro no Oto.” In July 2016, she held her first solo concert at Yokohama Arena.