Arashi’s new “Puzzle & Dragons” CM hijacks TV stations

To commemorate the third anniversary of puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons”, a new commercial has been released featuring Arashi. The new 60 seconds commercial was scheduled to air on TV stations in sync and transmitted once, on February 20, 8:59 pm.

The CM has a theme of “BE MORE ORIGINAL”. Unlike the rather usual bright and cheerful advertisement of Puzzle & Dragons, the new CM features a dynamic action and serious atmosphere with an unexpected development revealed in the end.

Check out the released new “Puzzle & Dragons” CM below.

Pazudora CM

The company modelled 5 hybrid killer machines after a team of human elite professional killers, planning to replace them. War broke out between the humans and machines when the team found out about the company’s plan. The humans fought with fury well-hidden behind their masks; while the machines fought just as they are programmed to do, with their eyes showing nothing but cold dark void. As the damaged machine modelled after himself lay at a corner, one of the human killers closed in and slowly removed his mask. The human team is last seen celebrating their victory together by laughters, indicating that they have emotions and are as original as they are.

CM + Making here. The CM is also available at Gungho’s official site.

(via Jnews1)