Ami Suzuki releases special app for 15th anniversary

Ami Suzuki’s official website has announced that the singer will be receiving her own app in celebration of her 15th anniversary. Ami Suzuki got her start while auditioning on the television talent show ASAYAN, Ami eventually won the competition and was rewarded with a recording contract, and the opportunity to become the new muse of Tetsuya Komuro.  Her debut single “love the island” was released on July 1st 1998.

Ami Suzuki shake” is a collaboration with developers “duuob inc.”, it’s a fast pace rhythm game where you have to hit buttons in tune with the song playing. In the past duuob inc. has created shake games for many high profile Asian acts including T-ara, Girls Generation, and BIG BANG.  Downloading the app is free but in-order to play full songs you must purchase them, one pack costs 500 yen for three songs.  Playing songs on certain difficulty levels allow you to win special cards depicting previously unpublished Ami pictures. The available songs in the game span her 15 year long career.

  • love the island (2011 ver)
  • alone in my room (2011 ver)
  • all night long (2011 ver)
  • white key (2011 ver)
  • Don’t leave me behind (2011 ver)
  • BE TOGETHER (2011 ver)
  • OUR DAYS (2011 ver)
  • Don’t need to say good bye (2011 ver)
  • 強いキズナ (Tsuyoi Kizuna)
  • Delightful
  • ねがいごと (Negaigoto)
  • Alright!
  • ONE
  • Reincarnation
  • Snow Ring
  • Graduation

Hopefully this is just the start of her 15th anniversary celebrations. We miss you Amigo!