Akemi Darenogare’s clothing line “CAROME” completely sells out in under a week

Talent & model Akemi Darenogare has found success in the fashion industry, her new clothing line CAROME has completely sold out in under 1 week. The name is based off of the Italian word for dear, “caro”. She then mixed it with the English word “me”.

For weeks Darenogare has been teasing the collection on her various social media accounts, before finally officially launching the brand in early December. CAROME consists of non-flashy jewelry, earrings and studs.  The only two clothing items released thus far is a white/black t-shirt and crewneck sweater with the CAROME logo.

Critics and fans have praised CAROME for it’s simplicity, while the items aren’t doing anything new in the fashion scene the subtle approach Darenogare has taken with her first collection is a bit refreshing. Despite the good reviews, critics are wondering if CAROME will continue to thrive after the original hype has died down.

Japanese celebrity clothing lines tend to be very hit or miss when it comes to success, even if the creators are extremely popular. Former AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda involved herself with the brand ricori, being named producer and one of the head designers. Shinoda was one of the most popular AKB48 members during her tenure, and along with her male fans has a large female following too. While on the surface that would guarantee success, after only two years the line was put to an end.

Actress and model Saeko used her popularity to create a fashion line too. Pepii.Kitty was launched in November 2008 but quickly closed in 2010 due to sluggish sales and allegations of plagiarism. Model Nozomi Sasaki also had bad luck with the creation of her line Cotton Cloud.

Some celebrities lines have been able to last however. Singer Miliyah Kato launched Kami Jamele in 2010, and is still active 7 years later. She recently released pre-orders for some items included in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, where she collaborated with the illustrator Hajime Sorayama. m-flo member VERBAL has also found success with his line AMBUSH, which made it’s debut in Paris two years ago.

Only time will tell if Darenogare will join the ranks of Shinoda, Saeko, and Sasaki, or Kato and VERBAL. A selection of items from CAROME can be seen below


(via mess-y and carome.net)