Aimer announces her 9th Single, ninelie

Aimer will release her 9th single ninelie, which will serve as the ending theme for the anime, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. This single will be a collaboration with chelly from EGOIST and Hiroyuki Sawano. Aimer has worked with Sawano several times in the past on their album, UnChild and singles like RE: I AM and StarRingChild.

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The EP is set to release on the 11th of May, with three editions. First press limited edition will come with a dvd of the ninelie music video. Members of Aimer’s fanclub, Blanc et Noir are able to hear a sneak preview of Spica on the mobile fan club site. In addition, members will get a set of 5 postcards with Aimer’s illustrations when they purchase the single through the Sony Music Shop.


1. ninelie / Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)

2. Through My Blood / Aimer

3. スピカ (Spica) / Aimer

4. ninelie (TV size) / Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)

5. ninelie (Instrumental)

Via Aimer Official Site