After 10 years, Mecha series Full Metal Panic! receives a 3rd season

It was announced via Niconico at the Fantasia Bunko Big Thanksgiving 2015 event that Full Metal Panic! will be receiving a new anime adaptation. The announcement was made by the creator of the series.

It is currently unknown if the series will be a continuation or which studio will be animating the project but it is hinted that it will be a direct sequel to the 2nd season of the show, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid.  The studio is not confirmed but it is known that a studio in Tokyo will produce the show so Kyoto Animation will not be returning to make this new season.
Full Metal Panic! is a light novel series written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Douji Shiki. It has 12 volumes published by Fujimi Shobo .  The series was previously adapted into two TV series, a side story, and two special episodes.

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