Actress, HARU joins NEWS as 24-Hour TV personality

HARU, for the first time, will appear on the annual NTV 24-Hour TV as a charity personality. She comments on how she feels nervous and excited at the same time for appearing in the said program, “I would like to reach everyone through this program in making them realize what is important to them.”

The producer, Hanae Iwashita, shares that HARU is well-known to be a charming person who is loved by everyone. This is the reason on why she has been chosen. In addition, HARU’s strong point is having the kindness that is important to have by someone appearing as a charity personality.

This year, the popular Johnny’s idol group, NEWS has been chosen to become the main personality. This is their first time to become the main personality of 24-Hour TV with 4 members. It is also the first time for this program to be held at the famous Nippon Budoukan.

This year’s theme is “LOVE ~This is my way of living~”. The program will focus on the people who has positively live their lives in spite of the obstacles encountered. They will also give an opportunity to everyone to discover love and happiness again.

HARU comments:

Even though I am really nervous, I am still looking forward for my appearance. While we have to think the things which are really important through 24-Hour TV, we have to reach others as well. For the sake of the viewers and everyone who is involved in this show, I would like to enjoy this opportunity given to me!   

Source: modelpress