An Academic Evening with Sakanaction’s Frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi

Instead of serenading fans with music, Ichiro Yamaguchi will be enlightening fans in an academic setting come December. Check behind the jump for more information on this unique venture.

Besides the release of their video for SORATO, Japanese rock band Sakanaction has been relatively quiet these days. Luckily, an event planned for December 18th proves to be one of the most unique ways to interact with the band’s leader. According to Roppongi Art College‚Äôs official website, Ichiro Yamaguchi will be participating in volume 3 of their lecture series focused on specialists from different genres coming together and discussing selected topics.

The topic of the lecture will be <Business x Music> advising for non-genre creatives

Participaring with Ichiro Yamaguchi is Masamichi Toyama, president of Smiles co, Ltd. He is famous for his curation of unique retail spaces and his knowledge of the business world.

Some of the college’s previous seminars include interesting topics such as AI x ramen with leaders in their respective fields talking about collaboration and new discoveries that come with crossing seemingly unrelated genres.

There are currently no exact details on how many seats will be available and how much tickets to the event will cost, but the previous seminar had a maximum audience size of 250 and tickets were sold for 3,500 yen.

This lecture will be a must-see, not only for fans of Sakanaction, but for art lovers as well.

To get the most up-to-date news on the lecture series, the official website can be found at this link

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