A Strange Woman Invades Masaharu Fukuyama’s Apartment and Bumps Into His Wife, Kazue Fukiishi

On the 6th of this month, actress Kazue Fukiishi, married to singer and actor Masaharu Fukuyama, found a suspicious woman in her husband’s apartment around half past 8 p.m. Kazue had just returned home when the woman who appeared to be in her 50s bumped into her. The woman then ran away from the home she invaded.

The Metropolitan Police Department is considering this a case of home invasion and is trying to determine how the woman was able to enter their home. The department is still in search of the woman. Luckily Kazue was not injured during the incident.

This appears to be a case of a fan taking their love for their idol to the extreme. Check out some netizen comments and express how you’d feel if the same were to happen to you below.

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Is Fukuyama valuable to old women?
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Today was my off day, but it wasn’t me!!
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Hey hey posters of Girlschannel,Even if you say that Fukuyama is married hatefully it’s okay to support his drama, but this is not okay.
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I’m glad Fukiishi-san wasn’t injured. She was probably scared.
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This is like those Johnny Yarakashis.
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The apartment they lived in before getting married seemed to have 24 hour security. Is the security in their current residence insufficient?

I’d probably move apartments again. Having a suspicious person in your home is too scary.