“A Day with Masami Nagasawa” directed by Mika Ninagawa

Actress Masami Nagasawa is featured on a mini movie as promotion for the company Folli Follie. Folli Follie is a Greek-based international company which designs, manufactures and distributes jewellery, watches and fashion accessories. The mini movie, titled “A Day with Masami Nagasawa” is directed by Mika Ninagawa. Ninagawa’s impression on the finished movie “Very colorful and cute, I think that it is a favorite view of the world of any girl. It is not only sweet, it’s a little sexy and elegant, I felt that it is perfect for the Folli Follie brand image. “

Check out the video below and its behind-the-scenes and see Nagasawa try on accessories, looking fabulous all the time.

(via Follie Follie)