Travis Japan to Make Global Debut

In partnership with Capitol Music Group, a division of the Universal Music Group, Johnny & Associates is pleased to announce that Travis Japan has signed with Capitol Records for their major debut! The worldwide release of their debut single is coming to global streaming platforms October 28.

Since setting out for the United States in March of this year, Travis Japan has endeared themselves to all-new audiences with their incredible dancing ability and outgoing personalities. From their participation in the “World of Dance” international championships to their unforgettable, dazzling appearances on “America’s Got Talent,” they have worked hard to make all their longtime fans at home and abroad proud, to showcase the skills honed under the instruction and stewardship of their Johnny’s forebears, and to learn from never-before-undertaken experiences as sojourning pioneers; faithfully representing the spirit, drive, and ambitions of modern Japan and the legacy of Johnny Kitagawa. It is precisely all this, recognized in high regard by the industry peers and professionals with whom they have come into contact in the course of their American adventure, that has moved Capitol Records to help them take the next step, and Johnny & Associates could not be more honored at the prospects this exciting partnership will surely offer them.

On behalf of Johnny & Associates, the company would like to thank everyone for the support and enthusiasm you have so kindly offered Travis Japan in the course of this journey, and hope we may count on you cheering them on as they, together with all the members of the Johnny’s Family, continue to serve the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of all who love them as fans and followers.

More about the song will be revealed in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow Johnny & Associates on Twitter for details!

Check out the individual statements from the group, as well as company president Julie Fujishima below! There, you’ll also find a teaser for the new Travis Japan YouTube channel!

Kaito “Chaka” Miyachika
“The cherished goal of Travis Japan, a major debut, has finally come to fruition! We are grateful for all those who have supported us, especially our fans! Now we embark ever further upon our Dreamy Journey to the world!”

Kaikto “Umi” Nakamura
“We are realizing one dream, but we will keep going to the next.”

Ryuya “Shime” Shimekake
“As this group of 7, our debut has at last begun! It’s Showtime for Travis Japan!!”

Noeru “Noel” Kawashima
“We have but one life to live, and from the bottom of our hearts we are happy to be sharing ours for the happiness and dreams of all!”

Shizuya “Shizu” Yoshizawa
“We now get to spread joy in the name of Travis Japan to all the world!”

Kaito “Machu” Matsukura
“I hope to carve out across the world a new era as the unique challengers we of Travis Japan are.”

Genta “G” Matsuda
“Travis Japan will do it! We are going to achieve Johnny-san’s Dream!”

Julie Fujishima, President, Johnny & Associates
“Ever since the founding of our company 60 years ago, we have created and sent our boy bands off in Japan. Today, for the first time ever, we are so thrilled to announce Travis Japan’s worldwide debut with Capitol Music Group. We are excited to embrace this new chapter of our legacy and overcome new challenges and accomplishments that come along our way. We hope to take you all on this exciting and amazing journey and deliver our Johnny’s entertainment spirit to fans all over the world!”