“The 14th CD Shop Awards 2022” Announces Its Nominees for 2021

“The 14th CD Shop Awards 2022” has released its nominee list for 2021! Twenty four albums were picked for this year’s awards. The albums were chosen by CD shop staff from across Japan to highlight releases that caught their discerning ears.

In March, the awards will be given out. There will be two main awards. The first will be the “red” award, which goes a to “god-level” album that can be listened to again and again. The second will be the “blue” award, which goes to an album by a new artist that is highly recommended to customers.

Check out the nominated albums below!

Awesome City Club – Grower

Grower by Awesome City Club on Apple Music

Official HIGE DANdism – Editorial

Editorial - Album by Official HIGE DANdism | Spotify

Orisaka Yuta – Shinri

折坂悠太の「心理」をApple Musicで

Kaneko Ayano – Yosuga

Kaneko Ayano - yosuga: lyrics and songs | Deezer

KID FRESINO – 20,Stop it.

20,Stop it. - Album by KID FRESINO | Spotify

Creepy Nuts – Case

Creepy Nuts on Apple Music

Creephyp – Yoru ni Shigamitsuite, Asa de Tokashite

夜にしがみついて、朝で溶かして - Album by Creep Hyp | Spotify

Kroi – LENS

Lens by Kroi (Album, Neo-Soul): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate  Your Music

Gusokumuzu – Gusokumuzu

グソクムズをApple Musicで

Saucy Dog – Lazy Sunday

レイジーサンデー - Album by Saucy Dog | Spotify

STUTS & Matsu Takako with 3exes – Presence

STUTS & Matsu Takako with 3exes to Release “Presence” Album | ARAMA! JAPAN

sumika – AMUSIC

AMUSIC - Album by sumika | Spotify


アイラヴユー - Album by SUPER BEAVER | Spotify

Zutto Mayonaka de Ii no ni. – Gusare

ぐされ【CD】 | ずっと真夜中でいいのに。 | UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE


NEE - Album by NEE | Spotify

Nisshoku Natsuko – Anti Freeze

アンチ・フリーズ - Album by Natsuko Nisshoku | Spotify

NiziU – U

NiziU - U (Special Edition) (2021) [iTunes Match M4A] - Music Clutter

Hakubi – era

Hakubi on Apple Music

Hump Back – ACHATTER

Amazon | 【メーカー特典あり】 「ACHATTER」〔Hump Back ACHATTER Pencil付き〕 | Hump Back |  ロック | ミュージック

Maharajan – Boku no Supi na☆Muntaro

日々の憂鬱と対峙するグルーヴ-『僕のスピな☆ムン太郎』マハラージャン| 邦楽 CD/EP新譜レビュー|  音楽情報サイトrockinon.com(ロッキング・オン ドットコム)

millennium parade – THE MILLENNIUM PARADE

THE MILLENNIUM PARADE by millennium parade on Apple Music


THE BOOK by YOASOBI on Apple Music


YOASOBI – THE BOOK 2 [iTunes Plus M4A] | iTD Music

WurtS – Once Upon a Revival

ワンス・アポン・ア・リバイバル - Album by WurtS | Spotify