Sandaime J Soul Brothers member ELLY calls Mei Kurokawa a bitch

Sandaime J Soul Brothers member ELLY has been taking a lot of flack online after footage leaked of the singer calling actress Mei Kurokawa a bitch.

The drama started on January 1st 2017. A video was posted by ELLY on Periscope, one of the newer social media platforms that allows you to stream live videos. ELLY and his band-mates had just finished work on a television show and were on their way to a year end party. Later on, he started to stream a live video on Periscope where himself and other LDH members were buzzed on alcohol. The majority of the stream consisted of ELLY ranting about “stupid” gossip websites and magazines, saying that his group Sandaime J Soul Brothers worked extremely hard to get into the position they’re in right now, doing their best at singing, dancing and “entertainment” (acting/variety).

This is most likely in response to the allegations that LDH used bribery to win the grand prix award at the Japan Records Awards. However, viewers were more interested in a small excerpt where actress Mei Kurokawa was brought up. ELLY, an unknown woman, and other members of LDH (most netizens feel it’s Mandy Sekiguchi from GENERATIONS) took part in the conversation. While it was difficult to hear at times, the conversation went as follows:

Unknown Woman: Look, this is Kurokawa. Mei Kurokawa. Look.
ELLY: Kurokawa….bitch.
Unknown Voice #1: She’s so pretty.
Unknown Woman: It’s Mei, Mandy-san…(difficult to hear what she says after that)
Unknown Voice #1: What? Really?
Unknown Voice #2 (assumed to be Mandy): Itadakimasu! (let’s eat)

The video remained on Periscope for nearly two hours before it was taken down. The incident was kept under wraps for a while, before a few gossip websites started to report on it just over a week later. Very unlikely an apology or explanation will be given, to avoid giving publicity to something that was pushed under the rug quite successfully. Getting drunk and going on Periscope probably isn’t the best idea as a celebrity.

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