Oricon Releases Its Favorite Artist Ranking for 2016

The year is coming to a close, so the end of year rankings are upon us! Today, Oricon revealed its Favorite Artist Ranking for 2016. In the 12 previous years this feature has ran, Oricon’s magazine Only★Star was in charge, but the magazine has now been folded into Oricon proper. Outside of that change, pretty much everything else is the same. This ranking is based on a survey which polls 20,000 Japanese citizens of different age groups in order to reach a respectable representation of the public’s opinion. While it is not totally accurate, the poll remains a very interesting statistic to consider, particularly when compared to the results for previous years.

In keeping with things being pretty much the same, Arashi tops the Favorite Artist Ranking for the seventh year in a row, a new record. The group also topped the teens and 20-something rankings. When asked why they chose Arashi as their favorite, respondents named things such as the group’s unity, their positive attitude, their dutifulness, their performance ability, and their ability to cross musical genres.

The rest of the top 3 is a flip flop of last year, with Ikimonogakari rising from 3 to 2, while Mr.Children falls from 2 to 3.

Check out the rest of the rankings below!

Favorite Artist Ranking 2016

1. Arashi (-)

2. Ikimonogakari (↑1)

3. Mr.Children (↓1)

4. B’z (-)

5. Utada Hikaru (-)

6. SMAP (↑4)

7. Yuzu (↓1)

8. aiko (↓1)


10. Spitz (↑1)

11. Namie Amuro (↑4)

12. Nishino Kana (↑2)

13. Perfume (↑5)


15. KinKi Kids (↑23)

16. back number (↑8)

17. Superfly (↑5)

18. TOKIO (↑12)

19. Southern All Stars (↓7)

20. JUJU (↑16)

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